Bret Whipple Immigration Expert

With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security came a renewed emphasis on Immigration Enforcement. Year after year, deportation numbers have increased and disputing removal has become more difficult than ever.

With offices located in Las Vegas, Reno and Ely, we offer representation in Immigration matters across the state.

Whether you are facing deportation as a result of criminal charges, seeking Lawful Permanent Residence, Political Asylum, want to bring a Fiancè into the United States to get married, obtain many different types of Visas, Naturalization and Citizenship or any other Immigration matter you may have – our Attorneys will provide the highest level of professional assistance.

We understand the importance of keeping families together, creating a better life, and laying the foundation for generations to come.

Justice Law Center’s Immigration Attorney’s and staff will aggressively challenge all aspects of your Immigration matter and fight for you to obtain legal status for you, your family or friends.